Comparison of disposable environmentally friendly tableware and other tableware

2021-04-27 14:09:05 浙江美联塑品科技有限公司 Viewd 4328

Ordinary plastic tableware

After testing, the lead, chromium and other heavy metal elements in the color patterns of some plastic baby bottles exceeded the standard. Therefore, consumers should try their best to choose colorless and tasteless plastic tableware without decorative patterns. In addition, when buying instant noodles, pay attention to the markings on the bottom of the bowl, and you can use them with confidence if they are marked as "PS" (polystyrene) or "PP" (polypropylene). And because the foam plastic bowl contains foaming agent, after soaking in hot water, the harmful ammonia compound in the foaming agent will dissolve and enter the body with the food.

Disinfect tableware

Ceramic tableware is now available in hotels and restaurants, and in the past it was considered high-end and hygienic. Now, the disinfection process of ceramic disinfection tableware has been exposed, and we realize that the original so-called disinfection is washing with dirty water and wiping with a rag. When you eat, the tableware looks clean, but the hundreds of millions of bacteria on it will leave a lasting impression on you. Many diners restarted their meals with boiling water. In addition, ceramic tableware made of low-quality clay contains microbes and harmful substances, and long-term use will enter the human body together with food and endanger health.